Last updated on 25/11/2021


This privacy policy informs you about how Mymax uses and protects the information you transmit to us when you use this site accessible from the following URL: Mymax France (hereinafter the "Site").

Please note that this privacy policy may be modified or supplemented at any time by Mymax, in particular in order to comply with any legal or technological developments. . In such a case, the date of its update will be clearly identified at the top of this policy. These modifications commit the user as soon as they have been informed of the posting of the updated confidentiality policy, and that they have accepted it.


This privacy policy is applicable between the publisher of the Site, hereinafter " the Publisher", and any person connecting to the Site, hereinafter "the User".


Contents of the Site”: elements of any kind published on the Site, whether or not protected by intellectual property rights, such as texts, images, designs , presentations, videos, diagrams, structures, databases or software.

Publisher”: Mymax, Simplified joint stock company in its capacity as publisher of the Site.< /p>

"User": any person connecting to the Site.

"Site": website accessible at the URL Mymax France, as well as subsites, mirror sites, portals and URL variations relating thereto.


The near This privacy policy is applicable to all Users. Clicking on "I accept" when registering on the Site will imply your full and complete acceptance of it. Similarly, clicking on "I accept" in the information banner relating to cookies displayed on the Site confirms your acceptance, while allowing you to customize the cookies that will or will not be applied to you. You acknowledge by the same fact that you have read them fully and accept them without restriction.

The User acknowledges the value of proof of the Publisher's automatic recording systems and, except for him to provide proof otherwise, he waives the right to contest them in the event of a dispute.

The acceptance of this privacy policy assumes on the part of the Users that they have the necessary legal capacity for this or that they have at least 16 years old, or failing that, they have the authorization of a tutor or a curator if they are incapable, of their legal representative if they are under 16 years old, or that they are holders of a mandate if they act on behalf of a legal person.


In accordance with the General Regulations on the data protection (GDPR) adopted by the European Parliament on April 14, 2016 and the national legislation in force, the Publisher provides you with the information following statements:

4.1. Identity of the person responsible for processing

The person responsible for collecting and processing data on the Site is Mymax, a simplified joint-stock company, whose head office is located at 11 Rue Louis Fournier 77100 Meaux B 819 573,122.

4.2. Data collection by the Publisher4.2.1. Data collected4.2.1.1 Data collected when browsing the Site

When browsing the Site, you consent to what the Publisher collects information about: the content you view and click on; demographic data; the device used and its software environment; your location; to your connection data (timetables, IP address, etc.). Data collected when using the contact form or the contact email address

The use of the contact form or the contact email address by the User assumes the collection by the Publisher of the following personal data: surname, first name, e-mail address*, telephone number.

Personal data followed by an asterisk are mandatory for use of the contact form. Users who do not wish to provide the information required to use the contact form will not be able to send a message to the Publisher directly from the Site. Data collected during registration on the Site

The use of the registration form by the User supposes the collection by the E